NEW: OUR Online shop- get your own copy of "My Africa - The Journey" by Waris Dirie

And give a first reading book to a child in Africa


In Africa only one out of 30 children owns a school book!

Due to this poor school supply million of children can neither write nor read even after 4 years of school attendance.

I ask for your support!

In our new Desert Flower Online Shop you can get your own brand new copy of "My Africa- The Journey" and give a "Desert Flower Power Education Box" to a child in Africa.

My message for YOU!

With your help I am going to give 1 million "Desert Flower Power Education boxes" including a first reading book, a notebook, a set of coloured pencils, a schoolbag, an eraser and a sharpener to children in Africa. 

Last month we visited our project partner in Sierra Leone and Tanzania. My team did teacher workshops on how to use the book in their classes. We got a lot of reception and the teachers are already waiting for the education boxes.

Our teachers from Tansania!

Until now we were able to fund the production of 10 000 education boxes, but thousands of children are still waiting for their first reading book.

Our Desert Flower Masama has one great wish:  A "Desert Flower Power Education Box" for every child in her school!

Head to our Desert Flower Online shop and get your own copy of "My Africa- The Journey"! The best bit? You are helping a child in Africa to get an education!


Thank you!


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