Next FGM madness! Daughter dies, parents on the run

Major police investigation after the death of a 14-year-old girl in Kenya

Again, a girl has died in Kenya from the consequences of female genital mutilation! The incident happened already in December, but only now came to the public. Background: The 14-year-old cannot be buried as long as relatives are not entitled to the body. Because the parents fled when they realized that they had violated the law. The police lay in wait in the village, but waited in vain for the suspects to return.

The brutal practice of female genital mutilation has been illegal in Kenya since 2011, but is still carried out secretly in homes, clinics and health facilities. Completely crazy: Earlier this year a doctor even asked the Kenyan government to declare the 2011 FGM ban unconstitutional! When will this FGM madness finally stop?

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