Two years ago, Waris Dirie opened the first "Centre Fleur du Desert" (Desert Flower Center) in Paris' suburb Saint-Denis, which is unfortunately known fot the bloody terrorist attacks on November 15th 2016. 

As a recent interview of Ile de France with the French sociologist and director of GAMS ("Group for the Abolition of Sexual Multilation") Ms. Gillette-Faye reveals, Saint-Denis is likely to be France's FGM hotspot. 
The organization GAMS fights all forms of violence against women and girls and trains medical staff and social workers to identify cases of FGM or the threat of FGM at an early stage and to work closely together with authorities. 
More than 30% of all girls are threatened by FGM in the middle of France, on the outskirts of Paris. 
Everyday more affected women are looking for medical support at the Centre Fleur du Desert. 
Incredibly brutal domestic violence, rape and assaults are part of the everyday life in this area, which is mainly inhabited by Africans. 
A high number of young African women are seeking shelter in the Centre Fleur du Desert. 
Although the French authorities are working hard to end FGM and there have already been many convictions, FGM continues to rise. 
Waris Dirie and French singer Inna Modja, who is highly admired in France, are godmothers and role models in the fight against FGM at the Centre Fleur du Desert in Paris Saint-Denis.




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