Scandal in Egypt

Doctor (!) and member of parliament (!) defends FGM

After the death of a young teenage girl during an FGM operation, the ministry of Health and Population in Egypt confirmed that it prepared a bill that suggests much stricter penalties on those who practice the cruel procedure, including doctors and families involved in the crime.

Despite the decision within the Ministry of Health and Population, there is still a strong endorsement for FGM coming from Ahmed el-Tahawy, a member of the Egyptian parliament's health committee and a doctor! El- Tahawy is defending FGM for religious and medical reasons.

The doctor says that “women, who are not circumcised, have an undesirable state of sexual excitement, which can lead to big problems. Furthermore they are contaminated.”

We wonder how such a criminal misogynist can be a member of the parliament’s health committee. El- Tahawy undermines any female sexuality and justifies assault. Despite the legal situation, authorities are still tolerating FGM and ignoring the problem.

FGM is a crime and it’s a human right’s violation, there is no medical or religious reason to justify this cruel procedure! It is sad to see a doctor justify an assault. We are encouraging the Egyptian parliament to carry out a new bill with stricter penalties and to select its members more wisely.  

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