Six-year-old Fatu was saved by us

Mother Jacinta swears never to have her daughter circumcised

Fatu (above) was saved, mother Jacinta (below) is grateful.

This is Fatu from Sierra Leone (West Africa). She is 6 years old and attends the 1st class of the Tansi Model School in Bo. Fatu lives with her mother Jacinta and has two brothers. Her father Augustine died when she was still a baby. She is part of our sponsorship project "Save a small Desert Flower". With the help of the monthly support Fatu can attend the school and her single mother can cover the basic needs of the family.

Her mother Jacinta is grateful for the help and has sworn never to have her daughter Fatu circumcised. She says that she has learned a lot about the terrible risks and consequences of female circumcision through the educational work and discussion programmes on radio of the Desert Flower Foundation Sierra Leone. She will therefore not introduce Fatu to the influential Bondo society (a centuries-old secret society of women who practice the FGM ritual). This again shows how important it is to actively educate people on the spot, directly in the communities. And to provide corresponding educational opportunities.

A great success, which was made possible by your generous donations!

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