Waris Dirie: "Mom, I forgave you a long time ago!"

Her mother held her down at female circumcision, today she is supported by her in the fight against FGM

Waris with her mother Faduma.

Waris Dirie's feelings are going crazy and her thoughts are circling. Pain, suffering, memory, but above all this longing to be able to forget...

"Again and again I am asked whether I feel hatred towards my mother because she did this cruel circumcision to me at the age of five. The truth is, you never quite recover from such a terrible experience. But I have never felt hate. It was more anger. Anger at my mother because it was she who held me down when it happened. I could not understand her arguments and accept that this terrible torture of a little girl, as she said, was Allah's will. How can a good god make a girl suffer like that? I had long and very violent discussions with my mother. At the beginning she simply did not want to understand that female genital mutilation is a crime against little girls. She explained to me that our religion requires this so that women can remain pure, faithful and good wives. Mom, I forgave you a long time ago. It is well known that forgiveness is the strongest act of love. And only love unites people and makes them do good for each other. I am proud that you have changed your mind and are fighting today at my side against this cruel practice. This is one of my most beautiful successes. I thank you for that. Mom, I love you very much."

Love & Peace,

Your Waris

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