We have already distributed more than 10,000 Desert Flower educational boxes

Reading and exercise books by Waris Dirie inspire school children in Africa

Girls with Desert Flower school backpack.

"If you want to help girls and women in Africa sustainably, you have to invest in education!"

Waris Dirie's statement is at the heart of our major education initiative in Africa. And is not an empty promise!

We have so far distributed 10,062 Desert Flower education boxes, packed in 387 cartons, to 19 schools in Sierra Leone. To exactly 5,692 girls and 4,370 boys. Of course our own schools - the "Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School" in River Number 2 and the "Werner Holzer Desert Flower School" in Allen Town - have also been supplied with the school materials. But also schools in remote areas in the heartland, like in the districts of Bo and Tonkolili, were delivered.

Sierra Leone in West Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world with an illiteracy rate of 70 percent. The sad fact is that countries in Africa with a high illiteracy rate are also among the countries with the highest rates of female genital mutilation (FGM). This is why we are fully committed to education for girls in the fight against this cruel ritual.

Each Desert Flower education box contains a reading and exercise booklet based on Waris Dirie's first school book "My Africa - The Journey", pencils, sharpeners, rubber, wooden ruler and school backpack. You can imagine: Wherever our staff went, they were greeted by the shining eyes of children. The pictures in the photo gallery below impressively capture this.

Of course, our major educational campaign is only possible thanks to your generous support! For this we would like to thank you very much!

From now on you can donor children in Africa more Desert Flower education boxes.

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