Christmas Letter from Waris Dirie!

Today I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, in the name of the Desert Flower Foundation and all the girls we  saved thanks to your support.  

With Your help we have been able to make this year great strides towards our vision of a world without FGM:  

- Together we have saved over 1000 girls in Djibouti and Sierra Leone from FGM and enabled them to attend school.  

- Thanks to Your support 10 200 school children in Sierra Leone receive their first own reading book "My Africa - The Journey" in a Desert Flower Education Box.

- Thanks to Your support we managed to embrace requests of 8700 women, who became victims of FGM. 

We have big plans for 2018!

400 million children in Africa are affected by a terrible education crisis.

Countries with the highest illiteracy rate are the ones with the highest number of women and girls affected by FGM.

Supporting the children with Desert Flower Education Boxes is only the beginning.  

Together with my Desert Flower Foundation we are setting our focus on education projects in Africa to end these terrible circumstances.  

For next year we are planning to open the first Desert Flower School in Africa. 

Please support now for Christmas my Desert Flower Foundation to save more girls from FGM in 2018 and to make a big step towards  a world where there is no place for FGM.  




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