Waris Dirie touches down in Sierra Leone

Warm welcome for Waris Dirie in Sierra Leone!


Waris Dirie is looking forward to her desert flowers

Desert Flower Foundation helps 1000 Children and Families in Sierra Leone

"I can’t wait to meet my 1000 little godchildren in Sierra Leone."


Waris Dirie: My mission in Sierra Leone

That's why I spend Christmas and New Year with our godchildren in Sierra Leone!


Waris Dirie and her very successful fight for women and girls!

Listen to Waris in her own words here and support the Desert Flower Foundation now!


Waris Dirie receives prestigious Sunhak Peace Prize 2019

Study in British Medical Journal proves massive decline of FGM in Africa

"I am proud to be the first African woman to receive this prestigious award, which I accept with humbleness and gratitude. Each award gives me new energy and power for my mission. I've already achieved a lot with my supporters, but our fight is far from over. Many thanks to the Sunkak Peace Prize Committee for this great award! "