Waris Dirie: "Mom, I forgave you a long time ago!"

Her mother held her down at female circumcision, today she is supported by her in the fight against FGM

Waris with her mother Faduma.

Read Waris Dirie's very personal words to her mother Faduma!


Six-year-old Fatu was saved by us

Mother Jacinta swears never to have her daughter circumcised

Fatu (above) was saved, mother Jacinta (below) is grateful.

Educational work and programs of the Desert Flower Foundation work!


School education instead of circumcision of little girls

Next construction phase of first "Desert Flower School" completed

Education for little girls is Waris Dirie's strongest weapon in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). 


Hillary, Alimatu, Ramatu and Jariatu say "Thank you!"

Godchildren in Sierra Leone have big plans for the future

These little girls were rescued from FGM.

Waris Dirie and our "Desert Flowers" thank you for your donations!


"My name is Rosetta and I want to become a lawyer"

Thanks to your generous donations, she can go to school

Rosetta is one of our "desert flowers".

The dream of desert flower Rosetta is to become a lawyer!